Prototype Tooling Parts and Applications

Similar to our production capabilities D&N Bending is able to supply our customers with the same style prototype tooling parts and applications that does not necessarily need to withstand a 5 year program and only needs to be capable of producing 10 or 500 parts.

Examples of prototype parts:

  • Door Frames
  • Upper Reveals
  • Belt moldings and assemblies
  • Glass Channel Reinforcements
  • Division Posts
  • Bumper Beams
  • Ditch Moldings
  • Various Roof Components


  • Stretch , Roller, Form & Reverse Benders
  • Weld and assembly fixtures
  • CNC and Robotic machining
  • Hand Forming devices to fabricate metal components
  • Drawbench – Pull through Sections

Prototyping is a valuable way to get in person, hands-on inspection of tooling. You can produce limited runs of a part to test both the functionality of the tooling as designed and the precision of the parts it yields.

Production tooling is designed to have a very long lifespan, producing thousands or millions of parts, leading to a low per-part cost. On the other hand, this type of tooling has a short lifespan. Because of this, it is primarily used for the production of prototype parts, or for the live production of parts in low volumes.

Every project is unique requiring different levels of product development. At D&N Bending, we see prototyping as one of the key stages in any project.

At D&N Bending, we view prototype tooling as an essential element of an efficient, cost effective and ultimately successful production process.

As well as avoiding costly mistakes and delays, producing a prototype allows you to:

  • Test material performance
  • Identify weaknesses in the design
  • Optimize manufacturing processes
  • Test the market with a polymer accurate model of your  product

As well as, remarkably fast production times, our aluminum tooling system, innovative rapid tooling and 24 hour production mean we can complete prototype tooling in a matter of days rather than months or weeks, giving you the minimum the lead time for your project.

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