Only Inspection and Assembly Required

D&N Bending has many applications with only inspection and assembly required.

For these applications we are able to design and build custom equipment to ensure we meet your standards.

Our design and engineering team are able to read multiple software systems, design in them, and provide a diverse range of machinery and assembly tools.

Some of our inspection measuring devices:

  • Zett Mess Coordinate Measuring Machine – equipped with PC DMIS
    with a 5’x 8’’5’ measuring surface
  • Romer 75301S – 40” measuring circumference – 7 axis portable scanner equipped with PolyWorks software

Software formats and capabilities

  • Unigraphics
  • Cimatron
  • Auto Cad
  • Master Cam
  • Work NC
  • Catia

We offer a full spectrum of electronic manufacturing services utilizing the latest in advanced automated inspection and assembly technology. Our highly skilled and professional staff, quality-centric processes, and precision equipment allow us to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

It is important for automotive assembly plants to monitor process quality continuously during the manufacturing process. Locations of holes, slots, studs, welding lines, and other features need to be measured on the vehicles in Body in White (BIW) assembly. Also, flush & gap for door or hinge lines need in-depth verification in the Trim and Finish section. These inspections ensure that vehicles are built within the stringent tolerances set by automotive manufacturers.

As production or inspection methods become more complex, so does the likelihood of error. This is especially true for jobs that occur infrequently, or when the manufacturing process combines multiple resource vendors and, of course, when unskilled trainees are cycled through multiple shift changes. To prevent errors and needless re-verification of completed tasks, our products provide you with a system of checks and balances that leads users through each step of a process.

More Industry Solutions

D&N Bending is committed to securing our future in the marketplace by supplying world class, quality products that exceed our customer’s expectations.